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1.Asensio looked back on the knee injury he suffered in pre-season in the summer of 2019, when he damaged his cruciate ligament.。
2.In Porto Alegre, Thiago Galhardo and Abel Hernandez scored first-half goals to fire Internacional to a 2-1 victory over Athletico Paranaense. Renato Kayser was on the scoresheet for the visitors.。
3.After Gong Li's 3-pointer, Jiangsu capped the second period with a 12-0 spurt to go 46-38 ahead at the break.。
4.Both sides traded the advantage in the second quarter before Zhejiang went on a late scoring run to race ahead 49-44 at the interval.。
5.El Shaarawy bagged his brace in the 45th minute with a header after Moldova's defender Veaceslav Posmac's error.。
6.Due to the strict preventative measures, even though new coronavirus infections and fatalities have been spiking worldwide and across the United States, COVID-19 activity has stayed comparatively low in California, where most key figures are either slowly declining or flattening. Enditem。


1.MONTEVIDEO, Oct. 7 (Xinhua) -- Uruguayan national soccer team captain, Diego Godin, said on Wednesday, ahead of their match against Chile in the FIFA World Cup qualification for Qatar 2022, that the Chilean national team is "strong" and is in a process of renovation.。
2.Rafael Nadal of Spain celebrates with the trophy during the awarding ceremony after winning the men's singles final match against Novak Djokovic of Serbia at the French Open tennis tournament 2020 at Roland Garros in Paris, France, Oct. 11, 2020. (Xinhua/Gao Jing)。
3.BUENOS AIRES, Oct. 11 (Xinhua) -- Juventus forward Paulo Dybala will miss Argentina's World Cup qualifier against Bolivia after failing to recover from a stomach problem, the Argentinian Football Association (AFA) said on Sunday.。
4."For so many years, I had been accustomed to setting an alarm clock every day and spending a day according to the schedule."。
5."As we didn't train together for quite a long time, we still suffered some problems on both the attacking and defending ends," she noted.。
6.The third-place match on the same day saw Shanghai RCB beat Beijing BG Development 3-1. Enditem。


1."As a player, I just need to work on my own. But being a coach requires a more comprehensive vision on the team. It's a challenge for me, but also a great test."。
2."The Bronze medal was a breakthrough for Chinese golf, but China has won so many gold medals in other sports, so I think Chinese golf needs a gold medal," she said.。
3.Team play was lacking but at least the defense was doing its job by keeping the lurking Scots away from the penalty box. As a result, the first half did not produce a single shot a goal on either side.。
4.CHENGDU, Oct. 9 (Xinhua) -- Beijing came back from an early struggle to outlast Shandong 82-74 in the Women's Chinese Basketball Association (WCBA) league here on Friday.。
5."For so many years, I had been accustomed to setting an alarm clock every day and spending a day according to the schedule."。
6.China's top player Ding Junhui came from 3-0 down to beat compatriot Si Jiahui 4-3 while world champion Ronnie O'Sullivan also fought back from 2-0 down to knock out Frenchman Brian Ochoiski, 4-2.。


1、The venue for the finals, which is scheduled to be played on Dec. 19, will be confirmed in due course, AFC said. Enditem。
2、Honda, who joined the Rio de Janeiro club in February, capitalized on an errant clearance from goalkeeper Luan Polli to lash an unstoppable 20-yard shot into the top left corner.。
3、It took the father only three years to win his first world champions title in 1994. Many predict his son is to follow in his footsteps sooner or later. Enditem。
4、First reports speak of the current Formula 2 driver getting offered a seat in Formula 1 for next year's racing series. Rumors talk of Alfa Romeo signing the young German aside from Kimi Raikkonen.。
5、TOKYO, Oct. 9 (Xinhua) -- The 2021 Tokyo Marathon has been postponed from March 7 to October 17, organizers announced here on Friday.。


The talk is about 21-year-old Mick who have felt the burden of being compared to his father, the seven times world champion and Formula 1 record holder Michael Schumacher (51).!


  • 感觉 10-25

    Marcel Hascak and Patrik Svitana led the scoreboard with two goals each, Svitana added also two assists to put a silver lining to his exceptional performance and help his team climb to the second place in the rankings.

  • 发现 10-24

    After a lucky penalty-shootout victory over Ireland in the European qualifiers on Thursday, Slovakia had its hopes up for a possible first Group 2 triumph in the Nation's League fixture in Glasgow, but a weak performance of Pavel Hapal's squad left the home team unchallenged and Slovakia in the last place of the standings with only a single point earned.

  • 好一 10-23

    Another six 3s pushed Zhejiang's lead to double figures at the end of the third quarter.

  • 给他 10-22

    After Gong Li's 3-pointer, Jiangsu capped the second period with a 12-0 spurt to go 46-38 ahead at the break.

  • 冲天 10-21

    The 28-year-old, who joined the Bundesliga club last month from Atletico Madrid, is expected to miss at least six months.

  • 失无 10-20

    O'Sullivan, 44, played his match in Milton Keynes, England on Monday with pink nails in an effort to raise awareness for breast cancer research.

  • 标就 10-19

    "I have seen more and more young parents bring their children to play golf, which makes me believe golf will have a bright future in China," she said. Enditem

  • 间规 10-18

    It was announced in a statement that the Tokyo Marathon, one of six World Marathon Majors along with Boston, Berlin, Chicago, New York and London, will have elite and mass races together in the original field size.

  • 丰富 10-17

    Asensio looked back on the knee injury he suffered in pre-season in the summer of 2019, when he damaged his cruciate ligament.

  • 战剑 10-16

    Speaking to the press ahead of the trip to Ukraine, Busquets said that although "it's obvious I'm not 20 years old anymore and can't look far into the future; I feel good."

  • 世引 10-15

    He spent another 12 months at the club in 2014-15 - also on loan - before joining Guangzhou Evergrande of the Chinese Super League.

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