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1.According to Malawi's government, strict guidelines that led to the reopening of schools and airports will also apply to sports in the country.。
2.Triggering the fulfilment of the new generation's potential requires more encouragement and time.。
3.The start of the race was done in smaller groups of a few hundred people, as opposed to the usual big launch of several thousand.。
4.The Spaniard booked his berth in the final earlier in the afternoon by a straight-set 6-3, 6-3, 7-6(0) win over 12-seeded Diego Schwartzman, taking revenge for his Rome quarterfinal loss to the Argentine.。
5."That's what my team asked of me. That's what they needed me to do," Butler said of his performance. "I think the team brought me here for that reason, to help us win games. And I have to continue to do that for two more games."。
6.But there's no reason to blame that the latest investigations came at an inopportune time. During recent years, Loew's team is constantly troubled by a leadership problem after dismantling cornerstones such as Thomas Mueller and Mats Hummels.。


1.Inner Mongolia and Shanxi were tied 11-11 at the start of the first quarter, but then Inner Mongolia went on a 15-7 run and built a 26-18 lead after Li Yuan hit a three-pointer before the end of the first quarter.。
2.Al Nassr, who lost to Persepolis in the 2020 AFC Champions League semi-final match (West Zone) on Saturday, claimed that the Iranian club had committed blatant violations of FIFA rules by using "several illegal players" in their squad during the AFC's Champions League (ACL) semi-final.。
3."The players are finding their rhythm on the field, but they have yet to hit their best form to ensure a victory over South Korea next February," he said. "They need to further improve their techniques, coordination and tactics."。
4."Anyway, it rather feels good to take a relaxation here and I can fight a contest on a real beach, with so beautiful vast desert around me," said Bai. Enditem。
5.Peng Huaqian led Wuhan with 17 points, and Ha Wenxi and Deng Ruijie bagged 13 and 11 points respectively.。
6.The 27-year-old central-defender joined the Qatari team for a fee of 900,000 U.S. dollars. The report, however, did not specify the period of contract.。


1.NAIROBI, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- Kenya's 1,500m Olympic champion Faith Kipyegon will challenge the 24-year-old 1,000m world record again in Hengelo, Netherlands on Saturday, after she narrowly missed to overwrite it in Monaco two months ago.。
2.Earlier on Thursday, Paraguay drew 2-2 at home to Peru and Uruguay beat Chile 2-1 in Montevideo.。
3.Nadal played calmly and confidently, just like he did in the previous six rounds, during which he didn't drop a set. On the other side, the world No. 1 lacked energy and precision, even in his drop shots, which he used a lot throughout the tournament, but didn't work this time, only bringing him many unforced errors.。
4."The win was not just about me, but my girls' persistence and unswerving will," Ji noted.。
5.Added to this the fact that the race was run in much colder conditions than usual, and that both of Friday's practise sessions had been washed out, there was an air of uncertainty for teams and drivers as they began the race.。
6.China's top player Ding Junhui came from 3-0 down to beat compatriot Si Jiahui 4-3 while world champion Ronnie O'Sullivan also fought back from 2-0 down to knock out Frenchman Brian Ochoiski, 4-2.。


1、SN was unexpectedly defeated by TL with a 3-1 lead, but the team soon adjusted by double killing G2 in two consecutive games to top Group A.。
2、"We improved our ball movement with the match going deep. Players had expected to win this match through an easy route. After halftime adjustment, we had a different look in the second half," said Zhejiang coach Gu Jiaqing.。
3、"I was not aware of how I fitted into the new position," she admitted. "It was only two months away from the league's kick-off. I had to train myself, and layout tactics for players at the same time."。
4、As a result, Liu has been teaching Tai Chi for public welfare in elementary and junior high schools. "Many people think that Tai Chi is slow and only practiced by the elderly. Actually, martial arts practice should start from childhood," Liu added.。
5、The director of the Poland Speed Skating Federation Konrad Niedzwiedzki confirmed the information and he added that the team had to be quarantined.。


Hebei is still winless going into the season. Guo finished with a game-high 31 points. Chen Jinting and Ma Wen added 15 and 13 respectively.!


  • 座太 10-25

    "My heart hurts more than my foot, but I'm calm and have faith that everything will be fine ... I promise you that I will work hard to return soon, stronger than ever, to wear the colors of Colombia and my club, Bayer Leverkusen," Arias added. Enditem

  • 的强 10-24

    The competition in Group B lost suspense after just two games, as JDG could not surpass DWG in points due to an accidental loss.

  • 里严 10-23

    The 27-year-old central-defender joined the Qatari team for a fee of 900,000 U.S. dollars. The report, however, did not specify the period of contract.

  • 科技 10-22

    The other semifinal of women's singles will see Poland's history-maker Iga Swiatek face Argentine qualifier Nadia Podoroska. Enditem

  • 朝惊 10-21

    Currently, only national events are included in the calendar of the Polish Speed Skating Federation. On October 28-31 the speed skaters from the long track will compete in the Ice Arena in Tomaszow Mazowiecki in the Polish long-distance championship. Enditem

  • 暗主 10-20

    As many expected, the Djokovic-Nadal rivalry will present its 56th head-to-head clash in this year's Roland Garros showdown on the Court Philippe Chatrier on Sunday.

  • 古封 10-19

    The home team's American goalie Tomas Sholl had his hands full, making a solid 39 saves during Nitra's offensive pressure (the first goal was scored just 36 seconds into the game), letting only three pucks slide past his back.

  • 不是 10-18

    Xu Jicheng, head of Beijing 2022's Media Operations Department, explained that smaller equipment and 5G technology enable more interviews to be conducted inside the venues, meaning media will rely less on the MPC and IBS than before.

  • 推演 10-17

    El Shaarawy bagged his brace in the 45th minute with a header after Moldova's defender Veaceslav Posmac's error.

  • 地血 10-16

    "We want athletics to have a permanent home in Japan," he said. "It would be a perfect solution to bring the world championships here as soon as possible," he said.

  • 古宅 10-15

    The AFC Champions League East Zone, will be played from Nov. 18 to Dec. 13, following the successful completion of the AFC Champions League West Zone matches in Qatar, the football governing body said in a statement.

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